Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The craft countdown - 8 DAYS

Good morning crafters.  Well, after an extensive search (and tidy!!), the scraper foil is not to be found.  So frustrating - I can see it.  Anyway, I'll nip out and buy some today.  In the meantime, I have done my blog post, but the finished piece needs to dry, so I won't be able to post a decent photo until tomorrow - however, this is todays play:

I started with some bottle tops.  I've kept these for so long, because they would most definitely come in handy.  I figured I could pop them in a reverse canvas, so dug out a little canvas I have:

Spookily enough, I had these printed card circles sitting on my desk - perfect! This helped me decided on my colour scheme

I cut the circles down - wishing with each one, I had the relevant punch

I embossed some card, and edged the frame

Cover the whole thing with gesso

I then covered the inside with Mod Podge glue, and sprinkled in some flakes - I've had these since the QVC days.  I think they might be paint, or chalk.  I'm not sure, but they're lovely.

I painted the frame with colours which will co-ordinate with my paper

And then dusted gesso over the top

I added a little frayed string, and then glued my bottle tops in place

I popped a couple of  dazzlers on the string

This tag was also sitting on my desk (it's a very busy desk), I chopped some mount board down to layer and give dimension, then cut the word "Enjoy" from my fav magazine

Now to play with the layout, adding flowers

Changing my mind, and removing flowers!

Then adding them again.....

I then filled each bottle top with glossy accents - this is the bit that's going to take a while to dry

Remove flowers :)

Leave to dry. Hopefully I'll be able to tackle that challenge tomorrow - the hunt for scraper foil will continue.

Monday, 8 February 2016

9 days of the Crafty Countdown!!!!

Wow, we're in single figures - and my nails are not looking telly worthy!  Presently they are covered in paint, glue and ink - and I've suddenly realised I seem to have broken every nail.  Some things don't change.

Now, the challenge.  I use a random number selector (have I told you that before), and today it selected:

Ruth Kidd (well done Ruth, and thank you for your suggestion).  Ruth has thrown these into the mix:
scraper foil
Gilding wax

Now, I know I have scraper foil.  I have been looking for it for 2 hours!  haha.  I've attempted to tidy as I went along, so the search wasn't altogether futile, but at the moment it's still in the elusive "safe place".  I will carry on my search, and your challenge will be completed Ruth.

In light of the missing scraper foil, I decided to finished the tutorial which I started last night, instead.

We were here (check out yesterday's blog if you are not sure how to get to this stage).  The gesso looks good as it is, I quite like the white.  The gesso also gives us a great surface to add colour onto.  In many forms.  You can use your paints, inks, spritzers, glazes or waxes.  The beauty of mixed media is the freedom to experiment.  You can always cover it back up again if you hate it.  It would even look really effective in black, with some striking gold gilding wax over the top. Play.

I went for my spritzers again.  You can tell when I rediscover something - I use it constantly.  This is a deep red

Until you add a little water to tone it down

I sponged off the excess water and ink, and you can see it lightens substantially 

I then spritzed on some dark blue.  I love the blend of the two inks.  I spritzed water to tone the ink and to mix them further

I also added a little of the silver mica spritzer, just a little for a bit of shine

I then dried it all with my heat gun.  Look how the colours change.  I love seeing the effects you achieve once the inks are dry, they often form veins of colour which are really interesting

I decided to knock the colour back a little, to swept over some white gesso.  Literally take you paint brush, load on your gesso, and sweep.  Don't apply to much pressure at first, build up the gesso until you are happy with the effect

The base you pop your art piece on will change how it looks, you can see how the colours stand out when I pop it on a white base

You may want to add extra embellishments - remember you can still colour tint them so they will match.  Just lay them on and see if you like the composition

I didn't like the flowers!  I turned to my trusty magazine instead, and cut out the word Escape.  I played around a little to decide where it looked good

And then decided to anchor the frame down with a ribbon - which I decided to run around the back of the piece.

Matt and layer your piece.  This is the same as you would mount your artwork - I went with a white mount, a small piece of black card and then finally a piece of white mount board

I adore the textures, and how, once it's completed, you can not tell what anything really is!  Who knew it was a bit of scrap card and some glue.

I finished, and then decided to add some gilding wax - well, it is....Monday?  

I hope that is helpful to those people who were stuck on how to start an altered art piece.  It's so rewarding - I'm completely obsessed.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to attack the challenge, otherwise it's another altered art piece :)

Sunday, 7 February 2016

10 days to go everyone. 10 days.

Hi folks.  First, I need to apologise.  I'm not going to be able to do the challenge today - rubbish arn't I.  I've a good excuse, I have a deadline tomorrow, and still working on it this evening.  I'll catch up with the challenge, so your wonderful suggestions haven't been made in vain.

Instead, quite a few people have said about the mixed media projects being tricky where to start, and how to start, so I thought I'd do a quick post regarding that.

First, mixed media looks daunting, but it certainly doesn't have to be.  And don't worry about over planning.  Collect some goodies together, and get gluing.  I wanted texture, a variation in layers, and a focal point.

Texture.  I love embossing folders, and this is a great way of using all your scraps, and any embossing folders

Scrap paper.  I tore it so I had texture

Card, I scratched the edge to add texture 

I used a die cut, for detail

This die cut is lovely, and just gives us a different shape

Next I added a lovely metal frame

Changed my mind, and popped a tag made from mount board

Then I added my focal point, this is a padded heart

To add to my focal point, I've added a pretty acrylic rose

For further texture, I have added Tonic Nuvo drops, these will dry raised.  you can use regular glue, cosmic shimmer PVA - just experiment.  I've literally just added it on in lines.

Rather than wait for it to dry, I decided to blast it with the heat gun.  This is really cool as it bubbles and looks even better!

Next, cover with gesso.  I've put a big blog on the piece

And just spread it round!  I've worked it into all the gaps, and covered everything.  However, you don't need to put it on too thick, if there's something you want to see a highlight of.  It already looks different doesn't it! 

Obviously, you can use anything.  Next I decided to use paintbrushes, this time I've got a plan!!

I've progressed in the same way however, texture

Texture, with string

And hessian

And then the paintbrushes

And then, gesso.  

Gesso, not only whitens everything for us, and gives us a great base to add our paint and colour, but it can add texture.  If you apply it in different directions, you will see the brush marks.  I've also scratched into the card

I'm going to leave everything to dry properly, and then tomorrow I can colour and also hit the challenge :)